Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are you a Manufacture?

Answer: Yes,we are. We are the Chinese manufacturer of Metal sheet Machinery,but we also provide Procurement Part Service if customer require.
Question: Can you send sample?

Answer: Our machine and tools are not supported to provide sample.

We can invite customer for factory visiting,or customer can send us his profile we can adjust our machine to suit his sample require.
Question: Do you make customized machine?

Answer:Yes,we can provide customized machine according to customer’s requirements.We also provide solutions if customer have any problems during the usage.

Question: Can you arrange factory inspection and machine checking before order?

Answer:Yes,we arrange factory inspection and machine checking if customer require.

Question: Do you provide solution for machine?

Answer: Yes, we have professional engineers team, we can provide solution to the custom requires for the machine and tools.

Question: Do you provide installation and commissioning?

Answer:Yes,as per customer’s require, we can send technicians to customers’ location for machine installation and commissioning and local training course.
Question: How can you arrange shipment? Answer:We can arrange the shipment to any port worldwide if customer require as CFR. CIF Basic.

Question: How many employee is needed for the machine operation? Answer: Depends on customer’s machine condition.

For single machine,need 1-2employees,for production line,need 5-8 employees or more.